Giulia Holland

Nourishing People and Places



Born to keep myself and others bright and shining!

  • Chakras
  • Meridians
  • Subtle energies
  • Past Lives
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Dowsing
  • Earth Energies
  • Psychic Release
  • Space Clearing


I have mainly worked with massage clients since 2007, and clients with chronic fatigue (Long-Covid), multiple chemical sensitivities, electro stress and allergies since 1996. I have worked with multiple situations involving physical, mental, sexual, emotional and pyschic trauma.

I love the feeling of facilitating change in people's lives and provide a safe comforting space where people can unwind and unravel the different strands towards healing. During this time I have worked with nutrition(1996 onwards), studied macro-biotics (2002), shadowork, GAPS 2015(Gut and Pyschology Syndrome), ben part of a twelve step Codependence closed group (2020-2022) and most recently the Root Cause Protocol; nutrition works well with the energy work as it supports you physically on your journey.

Approach and Philosophy

I am still as interested in people as I was when I started nearly 30 years ago, and in learning and passing on my knowledge to people, as well as incorporating a sense of the sacred into life. For me this manifests in practical earthy ways, through food, plants and stone. I am a member of the Geomancy group (practitioners offering space-clearing for atmospheric alignment.)

It is a relief to me that I trained in vibrational medicine first(kinesiology, reharmonising and unwinding, past lives, traditional chinese medicine, shiatsu, Thai energy lines); whilst the body needs techniques to strengthen it on a physical level to make the changes(through supplementation and food), much can happen at a vibrational level through the subtle energy bodies and the chakras. I enjoy working collaboratively along the way, accessing deep change through bodywork, (Deep tissue massage and Thai Yoga Massage) as well as with the body's innate intelligence through words, thoughts, flower essences, essential oils, sound and touch.

Continued Learning

As part of my commitment to my ongoing professional development I have just completed a Level 1 and 2 Diploma in Thai Yoga Massage. I also practise from a large Physiotherapy and Chiropractic clinic Courtyard Clinic in Dursley, Glos and take part in skills sharing.

Nutritionally I am researching the rootcauseprotocol which is in line with Weston A Price ( and Natasha McBride-Camplbell: all proponents of food as medicine.

A compassionate and client-centered approach means sessions can happen in the comfort of your own home via the phone or online as well as in person at my garden studio in Minchinhampton.

Through giving attention to the smallest detail clients can feel comfortable as their individual needs and experiences are heard and respected; the nature of kinesiology muscle-testing (asking questions of the body) makes for a completely tailor-made session in line with their body's priority.


I am dedicated to maintaining a high standard of professional ethics, including respect for client confidentiality and a commitment to providing a safe, respectful environment for treatments.

Education and Certifications

I have a BA in mental health and social and combined studies from Newcastle University. (1985-88)

1996 Training and qualification in Health Kinesiology UK. Registered as a professional with Kinesiology Federation from 1998 to date to work one-to-one and in groups.

1998 Additional training in Nutrition for kinesiologists, Energy Mismatch (allergy/Intolerance training with multiple substances external and internal)Jane Thurnell-Read Anatomy and Physiology Counselling component: Neuro-Linguistic Programming(Maggie LaTourelle)

Ongoing training to date in aspects of Assimilation kinesiology, Applied and Clinical Kinesiology.

1998-2002 The Witney Natural Health Clinic, Glos – Practising Health Kinesiology

2000 Ongoing Professional Training with Concord Institute, London: Macrobiotic training (3 months), Bodywork, Self-expression

2000 Geopathic Stress Training in Dowsing and Earth Energies(

2000-2010 Environmental surveys on private and commercial premises

2005 Women in Power - Cae Mabon (

2006 Reharmonising and Unwinding Training Levels 1 - 3 ( - David Smyth)

2007 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy Level 3

2002-2004 One to One consultancy at The Stroud Natural Therapies Centre, Glos

2004 - 2016 Training professionals and lay people in dowsing, earth energies and Subtle Energy – One and Three Day Trainings

2004 - 2010 Training in kinesiology techniques to small groups

2004 - 2010 Private Clinical Practice, Glos

2007 British Society of Dowsers – Advanced Trainings Healing Sick Buildings and Sad Places – British Society of Dowsers (Dr P MacManaway)

2009 Geobiology – Dr Jimmy Scott (

2009 Understanding Geopsychic Stress - Sick Buildings, Geopathic Stress and Ghosts –

2009 Environmental Healing: Understanding Earth Energy Power Centres –

2009 Advanced Earth Energy Dowsing: Working with power centres and Applied Geomantic Design -

2010 Health Kinesiology - Advanced approaches to health: Causative Analysis Dr Jimmy Scott

2010 Quantum Agriculture with Dr P MacaManaway The Field Centre Ruskin Mill, Glos

2010 Plant Consciousness - Emma and Davyd Farrell, Regents College London

2012 Epigenetics Kinesiology – Training with Chris Astill-Smith ( Hormones, toxicity, constitutional typing..

2015 GAPS training - 'Gut and Psychology Syndrome' with Dr Natasha McBride-Campbell

2017 Metabolics training (

2022 Diploma in Thai Yoga Massage - Julian Cosmo Kemp of the Sunshine Yoga School of Thai Massage