Giulia Holland

Nourishing People and Places

Combining a traditional Chinese medicine approach with western vibrational techniques to help you resolve issues or revitalise your mind, body and spirit

Emotional Wellbeing

I know that everything else flows when my emotions feel right. When they aren't, it can seem as though everything is affected, can’t it?

In a gentle but penetrating kinesiology session, you can feel lighter and as though what was affecting you doesn't matter so much any more. It combines traditional chinese medicine(TCM) that relates to the body’s organs and systems, with Western vibrational techniques that can involve touch, essential oils, flower essences, your thoughts and many different ways that can support you in your healing.

You may need the physical support of a specific supplement afterwards, or some emotional homework, like journalling or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). This is a gentle effective way to feel good from the inside out. It uses muscle-testing to balance the body and ascertain from a menu of energetic techniques what your immune system needs. as well as your biochemical pathways.

Health conditions

Asking for help is the first step in your healing; having someone at your back, in fact many people, is wonderful when you can't see your own way through.

Are you dealing with symptoms and seeking a more grounded, natural approach to healing?

Learn how the many techniques I use to support the mind, body and spirit can help you rediscover your body's connection to nature, promote healing and balance from within. As an experienced practitioner, I am dedicated to listening to you and helping you align with your unique body and situation.

Massage and Bodywork

“The de-stress scalp and neck massage was the most magical treatment. Total relaxation induced by the skillful hands of an expert practitioner. I’ve had many treatments on many continents. This was the best.” F Lynne

The more stressful your life, the more you need the uplifting experience of a massage, facial or energy balance.

Psychic health and Space Clearing

A good start when I feel out of balance is to come back to simple meals, early nights and peaceful people.

Simple lifestyle changes like balanced meals, early nights, and surrounding oneself with peaceful people can bring balance in life when feeling out of balance.

What is Psychic Stress?

You may feel you are too porous! This may be a familiar feeling, that somehow you have picked up something from someone. You have probably gained some sort of psychic attachment on the way. You may behave quite differently when you have something 'on-board', unexpectedly bursting into tears, out-of-character flashes of anger, a depressing cloud you just can't shift; you can feel uneasy and fearful as well, and your anxiety may have increased either around another person a situation or place.

Working with me you can develop stronger boundaries so this no longer happens. It is part of strengthening your energy immune system, and will help in your interactions with others too, once you become more conscious of how you are.

In encountering problems like these, you are getting to know yourself. It's good to know this is possibly one of the easiest ways to shift emotionally.

Gut healing

Heal, restore and promote wellbeing

Improvement and recovery can be supported through the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) gut healing nutritional protocol benefitting very small children to adults, and the effects of gut dysbiosis are far-reaching. An unhealthy gut can cause a myriad of problems because 90% of all cells and genetic material in the human body is gut flora - a complex mass of microbes residing in your digestive system.

In a healthy person these are dominated by beneficial microbes in harmony with your body, making sure you are well-nourished, protected from pathogens and toxins with a healthy immune system.

In a GAPS person the gut flora is dominated by pathogenic microbes causing multiple health problems.


  • Chakras
  • Meridians
  • Subtle energies
  • Past Lives
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Dowsing
  • Earth Energies
  • Psychic Release
  • Space Clearing