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Psychic health and Space Clearing

Psychic health and Space Clearing

A good start when I feel out of balance is to come back to simple meals, early nights and peaceful people.

Simple lifestyle changes like balanced meals, early nights, and surrounding oneself with peaceful people can bring balance in life when feeling out of balance.

What is Psychic Stress?

You may feel you are too porous! This may be a familiar feeling, that somehow you have picked up something from someone. You have probably gained some sort of psychic attachment on the way. You may behave quite differently when you have something 'on-board', unexpectedly bursting into tears, out-of-character flashes of anger, a depressing cloud you just can't shift; you can feel uneasy and fearful as well, and your anxiety may have increased either around another person a situation or place.

Working with me you can develop stronger boundaries so this no longer happens. It is part of strengthening your energy immune system, and will help in your interactions with others too, once you become more conscious of how you are.

In encountering problems like these, you are getting to know yourself. It's good to know this is possibly one of the easiest ways to shift emotionally.

What is Geopathic Stress?

Another form of psychic stress is in connection to your home or property.

Do you ever walk into a house and something doesn't feel quite right? The physical effects of underground water can cause headaches, but the overall effect of a sad place, can affect your health in many other subtle ways. This is called Geopathic Stress and can occur through both man-made and natural causes.

woman with a head ached

Underground water can have the effect of pulling the branches of trees down towards the ground over time. Imagine what it does to your body when you are asleep?

House with underground water stream affecting it

Physical circumstances like roadworks/ building work, electro-stress from electricity substations, WiFi and even historical emotional trauma can disturb an energy field. This can have a detrimental effect on the health of people, plants and animals. Natural occurrences can also produce Geopathic Stress such as quarrying, water courses, flooding and geomagnetic anomalies due to rock strata.

One of the reasons why a place may not seem quite right, is the memory or history of the place. It is beneficial to thoroughly free a place up from the residues of previous owners, which may include the previous usage of the land itself.

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This is stress affecting your home or office. It may be linked to why you are feeling down and unmotivated and things keep going wrong, or have done since you've lived or worked there.

Home survey

Have you ever felt uneasy entering someone's house? You may feel uneasiness and fear or just that you cant linger there at all. Houses often don't sell and couples can split up all in a house that is suffering from Geopathic Stress.

Houses that don’t sell or are repeatedly on the market, are often on a street that is full of houses for sale! If you are having difficulty selling, you might consider calling me to help improve the energy on your street or in connection with your particular property.

Whole areas can be affected by Geopathic Stress - maybe the land was once a large swamp, and its atmosphere of damp foreboding still continues to pervade the happy atmosphere. Or maybe your ideas for innovation meet an inexplicable brick wall.

I work onsite and off floor plans

You might consider a home survey if you are asking yourself any of the following questions:

Do the houses in your street frequently come on the market?`
Is there a reason people don't live for long in my street, and the houses are often changing hands?`
Have things changed for the worst since I moved in?`
Do I feel better when I am away from home or work?`
Did the previous occupant suffer from a serious or long term illness?`
Am I in a constant state of legal battles and boundary disputes?`
Have my sleep patterns changed?`
Are my children unsettled or suffering from night terrors?`
Are they bedwetting?`
Why does the place seem sad or stagnant?`
Why do projects feel stuck or difficult?`

Helpful tools

Within our one-to-one sessions, we will be drawing upon a number of tools to enhance your home environment.

  • Properties sell very often more easily once they have been cleared of their place memory.
  • Improved sleep
  • Physical ailments can improve, such as migraine
  • Better concentration, motivation and being “in the flow” again
  • Clarity and focus
  • A sense of lightness in the atmosphere
  • Improved health for all the family
  • Greater cooperation between individuals
  • A sense of a clean break with the past

Business survey

You might consider having a business survey if...

Your business needs a fresh start
You are repurposing an existing building (You have taken over an old mill, converted a church, taken over a site that had lay derelict for years)
Your office environment is not working.
Legal wrangles have made purchase of office premises difficult and site development next to impossible.
Frequent and prolonged staff sick leave is occurring in particular departments in the company.
Turnover is at times disappointing for no obvious reason.
Staff aren't cooperating or working well as a team.

Helpful tools

Within our one-to-one sessions, we will be drawing upon a number of tools to enhance your business environment.

  • A fresh start and a way of wiping the slate clean
  • Office buildings can enhance or detract from our own energy
  • A greater sense of well-being among colleagues
  • Increased profits and steadier performance
  • Happier staff individually as well as interdepartmentally
  • Steady and consistent staff attendance, so increasing productivity.

Buying a Property

It is advisable to have a Pre-purchase Geopathic Stress Survey before purchasing property. This can make you aware of its history, and what you are taking on. Clients have discovered their property was once on a huge mental institution that was then converted into houses or offices. They are wondering why they can't get their health back. You may decide or confirm your suspicions that it isn’t advisable to go ahead with the sale – or I can suggest solutions which will make profound changes once you own it, which can put you at your ease at the time of purchase.

Case study

Severn view Primary academy, Stroud, Glos

Severn view Primary academy, Stroud, Glos

"It's like a massive big ball of negative energies that have been a cloud over all of us, has just burst. People seem more relaxed and things are going with the flow. The interaction with the parents has shifted dramatically, in two months the school has admitted more pupils. The children are less hyper and there's less damage to school property, parents settled longterm debts and some social funding was finally paid to the school ten months after it had been originally promised. " Head Teacher Claire Wirth

And this is what can happen when you release energy from a site: on the day of my initial visit, her colleague reported:

"Hi Claire, So just confirming - your lady came to visit the site on Friday morning and made a start on cleansing the site... slightly enormous impact on my day as I mentioned! ....I was expecting the gates to be serviced but... The fire extinguisher guy turned up out of the blue (I had been chasing him for months) The plumber turned up unannounced to fix the loo. The electrician turned up out of the blue to fix the courtyard lights The boiler was serviced - again unexpected! And finally - the gate engineer spotted work that he could do that would save us time on Monday and did it, on his own initiative! (unheard of behaviour) I am quite excited about what may be around the corner... Helen Murrie School Administrator"

Further reading

Further reading

There is research that shows that if Geopathic Stress is present such as underneath your bedroom or kitchen your serotonin levels diminish (as well as other factors such as zinc)

You can also find out about how Geopathic Stress zones can affect work performance and well-being here

I use the Von Pohl Index which is an index out of 16 that determines how much a property is suffering from Geopathic Stress. Here is an article about Baron Von Pohl and his research