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Geopathic Stress Surveys

Geopathic Stress Surveys

A home survey can improve the health of your whole family!

"Since Giulia has worked on my apartment and the surrounding land I have noticed subtle and yet very definite changes. There is another level of peace within the space. I now have a new and wonderful man in my life and a very loving relationship is blossoming. She also gave me much information about the surrounding area and land for which I am so thankful – I have a new found respect for the energies and ancestral patterns which I have unconsciously followed and I believe have brought me home back to ancientness of what resides there – if that makes sense?!"

Do you think you might be suffering from Geopathic Stress?

Book here for an initial consultation to get a general idea about your property first, before committing to a full survey:

Initial consultations include:

  • Von Pohl Geopathic Stress Index
  • % of Electro Stress affecting the property
  • % of Earth Energies affecting the property ( briefly what they are)
  • % of Geopsychic Stress affecting the building

For a full home survey contact me here

You might consider a home survey if you are asking yourself any of the following questions

Do the houses in your street frequently come on the market?
Is there a reason people don't live for long in my street, and the houses are often changing hands?
Have things changed for the worst since I moved in?
Do I feel better when I am away from home or work?
Did the previous occupant suffer from a serious or long term illness?
Am I in a constant state of legal battles and boundary disputes?
Have my sleep patterns changed?
Are my children unsettled or suffering from night terrors?
Are they bedwetting?
Why does the place seem sad or stagnant?
Why do projects feel stuck or difficult?

Instead of a home survey, you may be interested in a business survey