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Massage and Bodywork

Massage and Bodywork

“The de-stress scalp and neck massage was the most magical treatment. Total relaxation induced by the skillful hands of an expert practitioner. I’ve had many treatments on many continents. This was the best.” F Lynne

The more stressful your life, the more you need the uplifting experience of a massage, facial or energy balance.

With experience in clinics and at festivals Giulia offers a wide range and depth of skills in the following:

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Sports or Deep Tissue Massage

Remedial and restorative manual therapy including sports massage, trigger point and fascial release, active release techniques, assisted stretching, soft tissue mobilisation, joint mobilisation and manipulation.

Thai Massage

Associated with the Northern style of ancient thai massage from the Chiang Mai region, it concentrates on yoga stretching, compressions, releasing tension in the musculo-skeletal system and the joints. It is practised on a futon on the floor fully clothed, allowing the practitioner to use their whole weight and includes postures that are not possible on a couch. It also works with energetic pathways similar to Chinese meridians, called sen lines which provide a contrasting stillness to the more dynamic stretches and postures. This is how it can be suited to all body types and levels of fitness.

Hot Stones Massage Therapy

The ancient art of heating stones gives greater power to the massage, can be releasing in an energetic way or provide heat deep into the body and makes for a truly melting experience.

Table Massage with Shiatsu Techniques

This is a hybrid of shiatsu, deep tissue, and some Thai on the table. It allows you to languish, be stretched shiatsu-style as well as enjoying an oil massage.

Aroma Unwind

This can be very deep and still, allowing replenishing of the whole body in a truly holistic way. Giulia chooses essential oils just for you, in this gorgeous blend of luxury and energetic awareness.

De-Stress head, neck and shoulders

The release of tension using acupressure points and gentle unwinding and reharmonising techniques will leave you in another place altogether. Seated on a chair or lying on a couch, Giulia may also use fascial releasing, soft touch as well as sports massage techniques and manipulation.

Hands or Feet

Techniques can include a similar energetic approach to the way Giulia works with injuries or holistically with the chinese meridian pathways right through the whole body. As a relaxation treatment it can include a choice of essential oils, brushing and exfoliation. This is a lovely gift for a friend or relation.


Choose a full hour and have an Indian head massage or head neck and shoulders unwind in addition to this organic facial with precious damask rose oil as the basis for this luxurious facial. Neal’s Yard products will help replenish moisture levels and boost the skin’s natural radiance using a combination of organic skin-nourishing oils, rich in essential nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins.

I offer a hand and forearm massage if desired, including a brush and scrub, with Neal's Yard Geranium and Orange scrub, followed by their delicious body butter.

Massage and Energy Balancing

Much of Giulia’s massage comes with a large dose of healing energy similar to Reiki. With 25 years working with energy techniques (Chi Gung, Kinesiology, yoga, pilates over the years)she inevitably imbues her treatments with this feel-good factor as the cream on the cake!