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Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing

I know that everything else flows when my emotions feel right. When they aren't, it can seem as though everything is affected, can’t it?

In a gentle but penetrating kinesiology session, you can feel lighter and as though what was affecting you doesn't matter so much any more. It combines traditional chinese medicine(TCM) that relates to the body’s organs and systems, with Western vibrational techniques that can involve touch, essential oils, flower essences, your thoughts and many different ways that can support you in your healing.

You may need the physical support of a specific supplement afterwards, or some emotional homework, like journalling or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). This is a gentle effective way to feel good from the inside out. It uses muscle-testing to balance the body and ascertain from a menu of energetic techniques what your immune system needs. as well as your biochemical pathways.

Further reading

You can find out more about Health Kinesiology as well as a video explaining our approach on Biteable

Possible symptoms

Emotional wellbeing can have an impact on a number of health conditions.

Healing the body is like tuning a piano; you may be feeling a number of symptoms, which once the body is ‘tuned’ with the help of the chinese meridian system can then all fall back into balance.

Helpful tools

Within our one-to-one sessions, we will be drawing upon a number of tools to restore emotional wellbeing.

  • Energetic techniques to bring your fears, patterns and life into balance
  • Kinesiology muscle-testing using aspects of Health, Applied, Assimilation and Clinical Kinesiology, to align your biochemistry and overcome imbalance.
  • Testing for supplements
  • Flower essences, Essential oils, crystals, sound, hands on healing
  • Past life regression
  • Psychic release
  • Allergy tapping, Tolerance Tapping
  • EFT, EMDR, Journalling
  • Reharmonising and Unwinding
  • Dowsing with a pendulum for health and geopathic stress
  • House surveys to detect and correct psychic presence in buildings, landscape stress and as a form of land optimisation once the stress has been healed.
  • Emotional stress release, Thymus thump, Cook’s hook-ups, Energy toning

Book me for a one-to-one session

Let me guide you through the journey. I work in person, via zoom or on the phone. Remote sessions suit many of my clients and are relaxing; enjoy the time and space afterwards to unwind and reflect or take action!

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