Giulia Holland

Nourishing People and Places



If you've been experiencing persistent sadness, loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed, or difficulty concentrating, you might be struggling with depression.

You may be masking this with anger, when actually expressing grief may be what you really need to do. Taking anti-depressants will suppress this grief and prolong its effect into adulthood and beyond. Why not gently be helped to approach this in a more loving and kindly way instead?

I offer a sensitive and feeling space in my studio in the garden; I will listen and use the many tools that have helped people over the years, like Kinesiology which uses sound, touch, flower eseences, homeopathy, words, thoughts and many other techniques. Hopefully you will leave feeling more able to understand yourself and feel heard for the first time.

View having therapy as a way to indulge yourself in a good way; many other areas of your life will then start falling into place, such as romance, finance and original healthy patterns as the positivity in you attracts more positivity in the universe around you.

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Feel good from the inside out

I usually don’t need reminding if I’ve been behaving badly. I know I need some help, and it can really put my life in perspective again!

I can be full of blame or shame and guilt, isolation or fear about my bad behavoir, or how I was treated. A big one as you get older, is how stupid you can feel around technology, or the clumsiness of menopause. It may be that we need to revisit painful trauma, childhood experiences or habitual patterns of behavoir. I use Health Kinesiology which uses muscle testing to ask the body what it needs to rebalance itself; it can balance your emotions and take the charge out of them, has ways to support your immune system and can find individual biochemical pathways that can make a huge difference.

Some of this may be connected to your physical organs and the story you're telling yourself diminishes considerably once I work on them. This is how I connect your issues with Chinese medicine (TCM); each organ is associated in TCM with a taste, a sound, an emotion and a season.

An injury or illness can make you feel less confident and a bit silly; you are in good company. The patterns in our lives can shape us or make us; luckily once we get to face them, they have a habit of becoming easier.